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GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks: ‘Innovation Foraging’ on Social Digital Mediums

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Chuck Brooks, a highly esteemed cybersecurity leader as well as an influential member of Executive Mosaic’s GovCon Expert program, recently published a feature breaking down the concept of “technology foraging,” or actions are taken to search for new innovations that may exist in research institutions to drive new solutions for whatever may be the challenges of the day.

During a feature article with Thinkers360, Cybersecurity and GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks explored the impact and value that digital-social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter have provided in the importance of technology foraging and establishing brands and new companies.

Here’s an excerpt from the feature from GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks:

“For employees at a company or organization, foraging (and info sharing) on digital mediums as a corporate strategy can help drive collaboration between often aloof silos comprised of the c-suite, marketing, legal, and sales.

A social media platform can also foster company awareness & relationships, cultivate business networks, and can even be used as a research tool for due diligence. For both companies and individuals, social digital platforms can serve as a resource and enabler for innovation by sharing important data derived from foraging among informative posts.”

You can read the full article from GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks on Thinkers360.