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DHS S&T Seeks Participants in 2022 Biometric Tech Rally

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The Science and Technology Directorate within the Department of Homeland Security is seeking applications from the industry to join the 2022 Biometric Technology Rally in September.

DHS S&T said Friday it is encouraging developers of face biometric acquisition systems and face biometric matching algorithms to participate in the event at the Maryland Test Facility in Maryland to showcase their capabilities.

Accurately screening and differentiating specific small groups of people will be the challenge focus of the 2022 Rally. It will build on earlier assessments of biometric technology capabilities developed to process individuals.

“Now we plan to assess how well these systems work when identifying individuals within small groups that opt-in to using the system, while avoiding bystanders in a crowded environment who have not opted-in,” said Arun Vemury, director of S&T’s Biometric and Identity Technology Center.

Demonstrations will aim to highlight a participant’s image capturing and face identification abilities, and to meet performance requirements for each demographic group.

A Stakeholder Demonstration Day will also be held to provide technology developers with an opportunity to showcase their offerings to government and private sector stakeholders. Applications from interested parties are due July 1st.