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Air Force Kessel Run Gets Approval for Software Pathway Strategy

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The U.S. Air Force’s Kessel Run division has secured approval to formally transition to the Department of Defense’s framework for purchasing software-intensive systems.

Kessel Run said Monday its acquisition strategy, dubbed Kessel Run Air Domain DevSecOps Portfolio, has been approved and signed under the Software Acquisition Pathway, known as DoDI 5000.87.

The software development unit aims to consolidate 21 separate program initiatives into a single acquisition strategy and establish five software acquisition pathways under the strategy.

“It helps us align our appropriated funds with our programs of record, in a way that allows us to maintain our DevOps culture and approach to modernization,” said Rachel Mamroth, the deputy chief of acquisitions for Kessel Run.

Mamroth added that the formal transition to the framework for the entire portfolio empowers the unit to keep up with the changing technology landscape.

DoDI 5000.87 establishes policy, outlines responsibilities and recommends necessary steps for building software acquisition programs.