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NNSA Highlights $8.1B Economic Impact of Lawrence Livermore’s Tech Transfer Activity

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The National Nuclear Security Administration revealed in a report that the technology transfer agreements signed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with the private sector between 2000 to 2020 generated $8.1 billion in economic impact and $3.5 billion in sales of products and services.

The Department of Energy said Monday NNSA conducted a study that quantified the economic impact of 200 cooperative research and development agreements and 208 license agreements the laboratory signed with private companies during the period. 

Using the IMPLAN model for quantifying economic impacts, NNSA projected that the technology transfer activities supported nearly 30,000 jobs over the last two decades and made approximately $831 million in federal, state and local tax revenue.

The agreements also generated approximately $224 million in sales to the U.S. government and resulted in more than $696 million in cost savings.

The report was a result of a study conducted by economic researchers from Techlink, which collected and analyzed sales and jobs data from 294 businesses in 2021.