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DOL Offers Updated Guidance on Compliance Evaluation Policies for Contractors; Jenny Yang Quoted

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The Department of Labor has released a new directive to promote enforcement and improve compliance evaluations of federal contractors as part of efforts to advance equal employment opportunity for workers.

The directive outlines the office of federal contract compliance programs’ updated policies with regard to its scheduling of contractors for compliance assessments, DOL said Thursday.

The document replaces and rescinds four previous directives and describes expectations concerning the production of affirmative action programs and data, which the OFCCP uses to evaluate the employment practices of a federal contractor.

“The directive we issued today will enhance our ability to use strategic enforcement to help more workers,” said OFCCP Director Jenny Yang

“By providing transparency and clarity on OFCCP’s policies and expectations, the directive will foster consistent accountability and avoid delay in compliance evaluations. It will also promote a proactive approach to compliance by federal contractors,” added Yang. 

The directive also makes clarification when it comes to contractors certifying their compliance with annual affirmative action program obligations through the Contractor Portal and outlines the agency’s expectations regarding access to workers, applicants and other witnesses and submission of other compliance evaluation-related data by contractors.