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Army Researchers Study Supply Chain Resilience in Nano-Enabled COVID Vaccine Production

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Researchers from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have published a paper looking at the resilience of nanotechnology supply chains that support the production of COVID vaccines.

The team looked at the impact of supply chain disruptions on manufacturing bottom line and product availability, as well steps for mitigating and recovering from such interruptions, Igor Linkov of the Army Engineering Research and Development Center’s Environmental Laboratory, said in an article Monday.

Benjamin Trump, an EL research social scientist and the paper’s lead, explained that the study used supply chain operations for nano-enabled products as an example to stress the importance of resilience and efficiency in distribution networks.

We have tried to attract attention to the problem that in manufacturing nano-enabled products, supply chain operations are foundational logistical challenges that require careful governance,” added Trump.

The Army researchers’ paper is currently available in the journals Vaccine and Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering.