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US Government, Contractors See Rise in European Requests for Missiles, Drones

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The U.S. government and defense companies have seen an increase in inquiries from European allies about U.S.-made missiles, drones and other weapons systems in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Reuters reported Thursday.

Reuters cited sources that say Germany has inquired about platforms that can counter ballistic missiles. The country decided to buy the Lockheed Martin-built F-35 fighter jets to replace its Panavia Tornado fighter aircraft by 2030.

A spokesperson for Poland’s defense ministry said the country intends to buy General Atomics-made MQ-9 Reaper drones through an accelerated process.

Other Eastern European countries have also inquired about Raytheon Technologies-built Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank Javelin missiles jointly produced by Lockheed and Raytheon and other weapons that Ukraine has used against Russia’s military.

“The Department of Defense is exploring options to support Ukraine’s needs, rapidly replenish U.S. inventories and backfill depleted stocks of allies and partners,” said a senior DOD official.

The official added that the department was working with defense companies on ways to speed up production timelines and mitigate supply chain challenges.