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Navy’s Fire Scout Mine Countermeasure Payload Set for Spring Demonstration

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The U.S. Navy is planning to demonstrate a new mine countermeasure sensor payload built by BAE Systems for its intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting unmanned helicopters in spring

The Naval Air Systems Command said Wednesday the Single System Multi-Mission Airborne Mine Detection payload will look for mines in shallow and deep water onboard the MQ-8C Fire Scout aircraft in Panama City, Florida.

SMAMD, MQ-8C’s first mine countermeasure system and its heaviest payload, will provide servicemen the capability to scan for mines and obstacles on land and at sea and analyze visual information onboard an aircraft in real time.

Capt. Thomas Lansley, the Navy’s Fire Scout program director, pointed out that a mine warfare technology would help reduce risks for vessels traversing in littoral waters.

Results of the demonstration will validate the ability of the MQ-8C to operate a podded MCM system without any impact on its performance.