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Lt. Gen. Michael Guetlein on System of Systems Integration Within Space Systems Command

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Lt. Gen. Michael Guetlein, commander of Space Systems Command, said “system of systems integration” will be his primary responsibility and that integration of platforms across the Department of the Air Force’s space programs will be a key priority, SpaceNews reported Friday.

“I want the entire command focused on the threat and countering the threat,” Guetlein said. He added that “unprecedented levels of integration and networking” are needed to fight the threat.

As system of systems integrator, SSC said Guetlein will serve as an adviser to DAF’s space milestone decision authorities with regard to the integration of space capabilities into the space enterprise and will oversee staffing, contracting, personnel management, security and budget execution activities.

His remarks coincided with the disclosure of details by Space Force leaders of the command’s reorganization. SSC’s new structure comes with five program executive offices: assured access to space; battle management command, control and communications; space domain awareness and combat power; communications and positioning, navigation and timing; and space sensing.

SSC said the five PEOs will focus on the lifecycle of U.S. space capabilities and would help inform requirements, budget and acquisition decisions.

The command also announced the formation of a space systems integration office to ensure a unity of effort across joint forces and mission areas. Claire Leon, former executive at Boeing and previous head of the national security space launch program, was tapped in January to lead the office.

Other offices recently formed within SSC as part of the restructuring effort are the international affairs, warfighting integration, commercial services and front door offices.