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DOD JAIC Requests Information on DevSecOps Capabilities for JCN Platform

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The Department of Defense’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center seeks market information on DevSecOps improvements applicable to JAIC’s cloud platform.

JAIC said Monday in a SAM.gov notice it wants to augment the automation features of the Joint Common Foundation Cloud Neutral or JCN platform, which enables the creation of continuous integration/continuous deployment of AI workflows.

The center wants to extend DevSecOps automation across JCN’s full AI life cycle, produce more advanced CI/CD pipelines, bolster JCN’s zero trust security and develop a tracking portal for AI workloads.

The effort also aims to deliver advanced common services that distribute JCN products across the defense and intelligence communities, and have JCN interface with AI marketplaces.

The DevSecOps approach accelerates software delivery by combining development, cybersecurity and information technology operations from the beginning of the life cycle.

Interested parties may submit responses through April 4th.