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DARPA to Use Self-Healing Substances to Extend Critical Infrastructure Serviceability

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is launching a new program to develop advanced technologies designed to prevent the early deterioration of concrete used in critical defense infrastructure.

The Bio-inspired Restoration of Aged Concrete Edifices program will work to integrate self-healing “vasculature” substances into concrete at depths to repair cracking, prevent their propagation and extend the serviceability of military buildings.

Research areas will focus on developing durable systems to impart healing materials within concrete and creating practical tools for applying, maintaining and predicting the long-term application and performance of the tools.

“The BRACE program, if successful, will prevent new damage, shorten repair time, and reduce maintenance costs, allowing for extended infrastructure service life,” said Matthew Pava, program manager of BRACE.

Pava said the program will initially target military use cases with plans to expand into civilian applications. 

DARPA will host a virtual proposers day on April 13 to discuss the program.