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Akima Subsidiary Receives $85M Army Contract for Logistics and Readiness Aid; Scott Rauer Quoted

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An Akima subsidiary has won a contract from the U.S. Army for logistics readiness services for $85 million across five-years, if all options are exercised.

The Herndon, Virginia-based company said Tuesday that Akima-owned Sunik will aid the Army Field Support Battalion in Fort Carson, Colorado with repairs and upgrades, supplies and mobility services.

Scott Rauer, president of Akima’s Facilities Solutions Group, said the contract speaks to the Army’s reliance on Akima’s family of companies for logistics support.

“We are proud of our work providing logistics support across multiple Department of Defense facilities, including our support at Fort Carson,” Rauer added.

An estimated 350 Sunik employees will be performing work for the 4th Infantry Division in addition to several other division enablers. The contract was commissioned through the Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise program.

Fort Carson is a productive destination for expeditionary equipment and materials that ensure battle- and mission-readiness for the Army. Sunik’s efforts are expected to assist and bolster these capabilities.

The subsidiary is currently working under a contract from the U.S. Special Operations Command completing similar logistics-related work. Under that $23.9 million contract, Sunik is executing four Defense Accountability Property System modules for special operations forces. These include property accountability, maintenance and utilization, warehouse and material management modules.