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Noblis Wins Prime Position on BPA to Provide T&E for JAIC Software; VP Glenn Hickok Quoted

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Information technology services company Noblis has secured a prime position on the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center test and evaluation blanket purchase agreement.

The five-year BPA mandates that Noblis will test and evaluate software to make sure it adheres with DoD ethical principle rulings, the Reston, Virginia-based company announced on Monday.

Glenn Hickok, Noblis defense mission vice president, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing high-level science, technology and strategy services.

“We’re looking forward to combining this pedigree with our collective team’s extensive AI and T&E experience to ensure that AI will be a force multiplier for the DoD for many years to come,” Hickok continued.

Noblis will lead the team, including CalypsoAI and i3, in the work under the BPA. The companies’ combined efforts bring experience in the design, development and implementation of AI software to the project.

The work will be conducted with JAIC clientele and aims to enable the JAIC to cut costs and redirect the funds to other AI procedures.

Noblis and its affiliates have been serving U.S. federal government customers like the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, Department of Homeland Security and law enforcement for over three decades.

The company is currently working under a $263 million prime contract to accelerate the usage of the Cooperative Threat Reduction program for the DoD’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The contract was announced in September 2021.

That same month, Glenn Hickok spoke with ExecutiveBiz in an interview detailing the establishment of Noblis MSD, challenges in technology innovation and what he sees as the future of the company.