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DOE GO Competition to Expand Technology Coverage in Next Challenge

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The Department of Energy has unveiled a new software-focused challenge under the Grid Optimization Competition, which aims to help the Biden Administration boost the U.S. electric grid’s resiliency.

Challenge 3 of the GO Competition will task participants to develop software that can address issues associated with the power grid, the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, which manages the challenge, said Wednesday.

The new challenge will apply data on weather, intermittent generation, unit commitment constraints and consumption to address a problem associated with security-constrained optimal power flow.

The GO Competition’s first two challenges also aimed to address the SCOPF issue, and challenge three expands on those by including new models for distributed energy resources, renewables, consumer participation and other emerging technologies.

“As the grid accepts new technologies, it will need to maintain the flexibility, reliability and resiliency we need,” said Jennifer Gerbi, deputy director for technology at ARPA-E.