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Raj Iyer on Army’s Cloud Initiatives in 2022

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Raj Iyer, chief information officer of the U.S. Army and a 2021 Wash100 Award winner, said one of the service’s top priorities this fiscal year is delivering cloud and data capabilities to warfighters at the tactical edge, C4ISRNET reported Thursday.

“As we start to do more exercises this year, we’re going to start to integrate more and more of the cloud capability and the capacity,” Iyer said at an event Thurday.

He noted that the military branch plans to accelerate cloud initiatives in 2022 as part of efforts to make the service more expeditionary and one of those initiatives is through a web-enabled system – Command Post Computing Environment – that will eventually bring together into a single operating picture large data workloads from multiple classification levels.

“We are now actively working with units where we are allowing them to now experiment mission threats and operational scenarios using the capacity in the cloud and on the platforms that we have established,” Iyer said.

He said implementation of the service’s first cloud outside the country is now underway. The cloud will operate in the Indo-Pacific region with the involvement of the Army Pacific, the service’s Multi-Domain Task Force and the I Corps.