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Maxar’s DOD Earth Intel Programs VP Chris Worley Speaks On Bridging Tech & Warfighter Needs With Potomac Officers Club

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Chris Worley, vice president of DOD Earth intelligence programs at Maxar, was featured recently in an exclusive Executive Spotlight interview with the Potomac Officers Club to share his impacts in the public and private sectors as well as the cultural aspects of digital technology adoption. Worley also spoke on executives who have inspired him throughout his career, adapting through modernization challenges and the importance of vision and strategy in organizational success.

In this excerpt from the interview, Worley discusses how his liberal arts education has played an integral role in his efforts to bridge the gap between industry and the private sector in support of our nation’s warfighters:

“The great part about joining Maxar after a career in both the Air Force and industry is the diversity of opportunities, teams and challenges presented by the vast range of missions this company supports—from advanced Earth intelligence enabled by high-resolution satellite imagery, 3D data and AI/ML to commercial and civil spacecraft, space-based robotics and much more. I’ve spent most of my career in digital technology and intelligence applied across every phenomenology and mission. In each case, these landscapes were never static as they evolved and modernized. This taught me, through both success and failure, how to adapt, learn and apply what I gained to new challenges. 

My degrees are not in engineering or scientific disciplines. Rather, I studied liberal arts and languages. The emphasis on critical thinking, communication and building a bridge between technical jargon and warfighter needs is the foundation upon which I’ve built my career and the teams I’ve had the honor to work with in achieving mission goals.”

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