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GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks Highlights Importance of Protecting Critical Infrastructure; Supply Chains in 2022

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GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks, a highly esteemed cybersecurity leader, recently published his latest feature in the January issue of the CISO MAG detailing the importance for federal executives to focus on protecting the critical infrastructure supply chain in IT and OT systems. 

“Protecting critical infrastructure Industrial Control Systems, Operational Technology, and IT systems from cybersecurity threats is a difficult endeavor,” said Chuck Brooks. “They all have unique operational frameworks, access points, and a variety of legacy systems and emerging technologies. Protecting the critical infrastructure supply chain in IT and OT systems will be a public and private sector priority.”

In addition, GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks discussed the potential cybersecurity workforce shortage that could exist in 2022. It was reported by Cybersecurity Ventures that roughly 3.5 million jobs in cybersecurity were left unfilled in 2021, which could pose significant operational challenges in the federal sector moving forward.

Brooks mentioned the Internet of Things (IoT) as an area to watch for growing cybersecurity risks. In particular, Brooks highlighted the challenge that IoT poses from having a lack of visibility and the ability to determine if a device has been compromised and not performing as intended. 

“The increased integration of endpoints combined with a rapidly growing and poorly controlled attack surface poses a significant threat to the Internet of Things,” Brooks explained. “Protecting such an enormous attack surface is no easy task, especially when there are so many varying types and security standards on the devices. It will only worsen in 2022 as connectivity grows.”

You can read the full article from GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks on CISO MAG.