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GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks: Building Company Trust in Cybersecurity

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GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks, a highly esteemed cybersecurity leader, recently published an interview with CyberSeries.io on Thursday to provide a look into the latest trends of cyber hygiene strategies heading into 2022. 

CyberSeries.io reported that a recent survey of enterprise IT security executives, 77 percent of respondents agreed that IT vulnerabilities had impacted their businesses in the last year. 

During the interview, GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks discussed how cybersecurity has evolved even just in the last two years and the importance of individual cyber hygiene while governments are coming together to tackle the most significant cyber risks. 

ExecutiveGov: How can companies weave cybersecurity and trust into the people and processes in their organizations?

“The bottom line is that almost every type of business, large and small, touches aspects of cybersecurity whether it involves law, finance, transportation, retail, communications, entertainment, healthcare, or energy. Cyber threats are ubiquitous. 

Cybersecurity requires expertise but unfortunately, there is a dearth of qualified cybersecurity workers and it is rare to have such capabilities internally for most small and medium-sized businesses. Ideally, a company should plan on having accessible insights from a blend of internal and outside subject matter experts. 

It is always useful for executive management to get perspectives and ideas from experts on the outside. Employees should also be trained to recognize cyber threats. They should also follow NIST risk management frameworks that offer industry-specific advice and knowledge to help keep companies more cyber secure.”

You can read GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks’ full article on CyberSeries.io