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DOD Hypersonics Professionals Meet With Students During California Event; Gillian Bussey Quoted

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The Department of Defense Joint Hypersonic Transition Office’s university consortium recently introduced hypersonics professionals to participating students during an American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics forum in California.

The JHTO University Consortium for Applied Hypersonics’ meet and greet event enabled students to gain insights on hypersonics work and related opportunities in the industry, the DOD said Wednesday.

According to Gillian Bussey, director of JHTO, the event is an effort by the office to inspire students and explain the future of the aerodynamic technology.

“The JHTO is planning to move out across a spectrum of workforce strategies that include surveys, research, curricula, internships, scholarships, and today’s event provided momentum for these student activities in 2022,” added Bussey.

The event comes as the JHTO consortium plans to award applied and advanced research projects to university-led teams every fiscal year.