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Boeing 757 Lavatory Design Entrusted to Collins Aerospace for Customizable Plan

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The Boeing Company has tapped Collins Aerospace to design lavatories for the 737 family of aircraft in the long-term going forward.

The aerospace contractor announced Wednesday that they were interested in maintaining and growing their relationship with Collins Aerospace, a Raytheon Technologies-owned business, with whom they’ve been working since 2013.

“We believe this lavatory will be the standard for single-aisle aircraft for years to come,” added Troy Brunk, president of Interiors for Collins Aerospace.

Brunk continued, “The next-generation lavatory enables a degree of choice not typically afforded narrow-body operators, with the flexibility and integrated technology for simple and efficient customization and installation of upgrades.”

The newly designed lavatory features a modular design, touchless functionality, micro-LED lighting and a centralized computing system. The latter feature is expected to personalize the passenger experience, improve airline operability and prepare for future integration of technology.

Customization is a key attraction of the new 757 lavatories. Collins’ design is intended to be “bespoke” to a given customer’s needs, offering a number of a la carte details, including a variation accessible to passengers of all mobilities.

Lavatories will be equipped with standardized touchless faucets and available upgrades for touchless toilet flush, waste bin, soap dispenser and toilet seat/lid.

Of Boeing and Collins’ partnership, Cynthia Muklevicz, Collins Aerospace vice president of business development, remarked, “Years of cooperation, hard work and innovation have culminated in a final product that provides increased airline value, a clear path for future technology integration and improved passenger amenities.”

The new lavatories will premiere in 2025 on new 757 airplanes.