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Arnold Engineering Development Complex Uses Funds to Bolster Hypersonic Testing

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The Test Resource Management Center has provided additional funds for a high-temperature laboratory and a ballistic range used for hypersonic technology testing at the Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC). 

AEDC has received $850,000 since fiscal year 2020 in support of the complex’s high-temperature laboratory, which operates and maintains arc heaters to evaluate high-temperature materials, Air Force Materiel Command said Monday.

The funds allowed AEDC to expand the laboratory’s workforce with the hiring of five engineers and 10 craftsmen.

“With the growth in personnel, test frequency has increased from 77 runs in fiscal year 2020 to a forecasted workload of 116 runs in fiscal year 2022,” said Frank Wonder, arcs section chief for AEDC.

The engineering complex also received $1.5 million in TRMC funds to support Arnold Air Force Base’s Range G, where hypervelocity flyout, impact and lethality ground tests take place.

These funds financed the expansion of Range G’s consumable inventory and the procurement of critical spare equipment.