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Amentum CEO John Vollmer Highlights Transformational Company Growth in 2021

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John Vollmer, CEO of Amentum and a six-time Wash100 Award winner, recently posted a retrospective piece on LinkedIn highlighting and breaking down the transformational growth that the company underwent over the course of 2021. The full “2021- A Year of Transformational Growth and Operational Excellence” report was released by Amentum on Tuesday. 

“As we bring our second year as an independent company to a close, I find myself thinking back to the beginning of 2021,” Vollmer explained. “We realized it was going to be a monumental year…We looked forward to seeing our clients, partners, employees, coworkers, and communities in person. As a company, we performed beyond expectations and had one of our best years ever.”

In particular, Vollmer mentioned the acquisition and implementation of DynCorp International as well as PAE. He also highlighted the significant strides and work that Amentum has been doing to support Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Aviation and environmental cleanup work as well as the company’s customer-facing events, training systems innovation and other key areas. 

“These achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of our employees and partners,” Vollmer continued. “It was another unconventional year and every single person had to continually adjust to achieve success. The organizational resilience we have demonstrated since our company launch has led to transformational growth and tremendous momentum. I look forward to all we will achieve together in 2022.”

Click here to access the full “2021- A Year of Transformational Growth and Operational Excellence” from John Vollmer and Amentum.