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White House Issues Space Priorities Framework

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The Biden administration has launched a framework outlining the country’s space policy priorities.

The United States Space Priorities Framework classifies the priorities into two categories: maintaining a robust and responsible U.S. space enterprise and preserving space for current and future generations.

To advance the first priority, the U.S. will maintain its edge in space science and space exploration, pursue the development and use of space-based Earth observation capabilities to help address climate change, promote policy and regulatory environment that enables a competitive commercial space sector, defend national security interests from counterspace threats, invest in STEM education and strengthen the security of the space industrial base.

For the second category, the U.S. will improve space situational awareness sharing and space traffic coordination, strengthen governance of space activities globally and prioritize space sustainability and planetary protection.

SpaceNews reported that Vice President Kamala Harris was scheduled Wednesday to chair the National Space Council’s first meeting under the current administration.

“The Framework will guide the Council’s efforts to develop and implement national space policy and strategy going forward,” a White House official said ahead of the council meeting. 

“It maintains focus on advancing and synchronizing our civil, commercial and national security space activities, and adds emphasis in support of the administration’s agenda, including promoting peaceful exploration of space and reducing the risk of miscalculation or conflict in space; addressing the climate crisis; and enhancing STEM education.” 

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