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CISA Warns of Cyberthreats Facing Critical Manufacturing Sector

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The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has warned that the critical manufacturing sector faces the risk of cyberattacks during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Hill reported Wednesday.

An insights report from CISA has listed three potential operational vulnerabilities in industrial control systems and these are expanded cyberattack surfaces, unauthorized access in online and physical platforms and reduced network segmentation and securitization.

According to the report, the shift to robotic process automation to address pandemic-related disruption can introduce new security risks and the lack of cyber professionals can impact organizations’ ability to fight and respond to cyberthreats.

“If current trends hold, attacks against manufacturing sector infrastructure will continue to increase,” the report states.

CISA said organizations should take a multifaceted, long-term approach to mitigating cyber risks. Cybersecurity teams within companies, for instance, should invest in training initiatives to enable security analysts to remotely monitor manufacturing environments.