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White House Urges Congress to Pass FY 2022 Appropriations Bills

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The White House is calling on Congress to reach a bipartisan agreement and pass appropriations bills for fiscal year 2022 to avoid the continuation of funding at FY 2021 levels under a continuing resolution.

The president’s FY 2022 budget proposal and appropriations measures from the House and Senate support the COVID-19 pandemic response and other public health programs, seek to address national security challenges, strengthen U.S. leadership and improve the delivery of citizen services, according to a White House fact sheet published Friday.

The president’s budget would strengthen U.S. economic competitiveness by investing $13 billion more in research and development efforts and provide the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with at least $1.6 billion in additional funding in support of pandemic response efforts.

Other national priorities in the appropriations bills that the administration is pursuing are ensuring defense modernization and readiness, supporting NASA’s lunar exploration program, investing in election infrastructure, combating the opioid epidemic and accelerating processing of Social Security disability benefits.

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