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Unanet Announces ERP Enhancements To Better Support Customers; Assad Jarrahain Quoted

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Unanet announced its latest enhancements to its award-winning software. The new features are designed to give customers integrated, industry-leading service and support, including enhanced dashboards, project management and billing functions and new mobile capabilities. 

"While we continue to innovate and deliver the latest features and functions that the market expects from an industry-leading ERP provider, the customer experience is our true focus," stated Assad Jarrahian, Unanet’s chief product officer.

"Companies using Unanet are more than customers, they are partners in the Unanet community with the ability to engage, suggest, explore and innovate right alongside us, so they have the best solutions possible to achieve success."

The latest release provides project customers with four distinct advantages. They are Unanet First Look Program, New Customer Experience Portal, The Unanet Customer Suggestions Portal Unanet University

The First Look Program enables clients to participate and provide feedback throughout the development process. In this program, Unanet product managers and designers conduct surveys, interviews, focus groups, design reviews and usability tests across the customer base to learn more about customers' unique needs.

The New Customer Experience Portal provides a forum for customers to share best practices while also offering seamless navigation, training, knowledge, support tickets and suggestions. 

The Unanet Customer Suggestions Portal is a responsive feedback loop for product suggestions, unlimited voting and real-time updates on product deliveries. This portal promotes product growth and fosters community among Unanet users while serving as a collaborative tool for development.

The final advantage is Unanet University, a program with high-value information enabling industry leaders to become certified experts on Unanet's solution suites and access points.

"The Unanet community is stronger than ever and we're focused on bolstering it with portals, features and experiences that are meaningful to the users. We succeed when our customers do, so collaboration and the user experience is always our top priority,” commented Jeff Davison, Unanet's chief customer officer.