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DOE Unveils New Carbon Reduction Initiatives; Secretary Jennifer Granholm Quoted

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The Department of Energy (DOE) has launched two initiatives that aim to reduce the U.S. manufacturing and industrial sectors' carbon emissions under the larger Future of Manufacturing campaign.

DOE said Thursday it will invest $42.3 million in new projects under a funding opportunity to achieve cleaner and more efficient manufacturing.

The funding opportunity will support projects that tackle carbon footprint reduction, energy efficiency-boosting materials and energy storage, conversion and utilization systems.

The second initiative will provide technical assistance valued at $300,000 to five commercial companies for industrial technology validation projects. The companies will use this support to test the performance of clean energy technologies in industrial environments.

DOE's national laboratories will lead experts to formulate assessment plans and produce reports on technology projects under the second initiative.

“With these investments, the Department of Energy is helping reestablish U.S. manufacturing leadership while scaling up the technologies needed to reduce our collective carbon footprint and address climate change," said Jennifer Granholm, secretary of energy.

The Future of Manufacturing campaign now has a total of $130 million for technology initiatives announced over the week.