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DOE Allocates $73M to Research Projects for Advancing Quantum Information Science; Secretary Jennifer Granholm Quoted

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The Department of Energy has announced $73 million in funding for 29 three-year projects to advance quantum information science for various applications. 

Researchers from various national laboratories and universities from Virginia, California and other states across the U.S. will focus on understanding, predicting and manipulating matter at the electronic, atomic and molecular levels, DOE said Friday.

Efforts under the funded projects are meant to help drive quantum computing and information processing, which could enable complex forecasting of power outages during extreme weather events and smart windows, clothes and buildings.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm explained that DOE invests in research "that will enhance our resiliency in the face of growing cyber threats and climate disasters, paving the path to a cleaner, more secure future."

DOE selected the winning projects from the earlier released "Materials and Chemical Sciences Research for Quantum Information Science" funding opportunity announcement managed by its Office of Science, Basic Energy Sciences.