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Army, IBM, University Researchers Pen Book on Network Performance Management Techniques

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Researchers from the U.S. Army, IBM, University of Massachusetts-Amherst and Imperial College London have written a book covering studies about network performance tomography.

The book "Network Tomography: Identifiability, Measurement Design and Network State Inference," published by Cambridge University Press, describes several techniques for indirectly reconstructing a communications network's internal state by examining external information from edge nodes, the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) said Wednesday.

ARL noted the authors also offered best practices and guidelines for using network tomography in various applications such as peer autonomous systems and military coalition networks.

Ananthram Swami, the Army's senior research scientist for network science, said the book "covers all major components of network tomography, from the construction of a measurement system to the computation of the network state of interest."

Researchers plan to expand their work to include inferring link properties to help in resource allocation for tactical network analytics. They are also looking to study network tomography along with topology inference and quantum networks.