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Air Force’s Kessel Run Shares ‘Chaos Engineering’ Practices to Navy’s Black Pearl; Omar Marrero Quoted

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U.S. Air Force
U.S. Air Force Kessel Run

Kessel Run, or the DevSecOps unit of the Air Force Life Cycle Management (AFLCM) Center, has started sharing a set of standard operating procedures for "Chaos Engineering" to the Department of the Navy’s Black Pearl to help it in providing cloud-based enterprise platform and development tool.

Delivering Chaos Engineering practices is aimed at enabling the Navy's current and future software factories and, in the future, enhancing software development units within the Department of Defense, Kessel Run said Wednesday.

The AFLCM unit leverages Chaos Engineering to continuously target applications to identify potential weak points within its own system. The approach reflects the practices developed by non-government software factories.

Kessel Run conducted its first simulated attack in 2020, which resulted in the Chaos Engineering SOP.

“That success has led us to create a ‘playbook’ in collaboration with Black Pearl for the DOD DevSecOps Reference Design Version 2.0 document set," said Omar Marrero, the Chaos and performance tech and Kessel Run all domain operation system test manager with Kessel Run. "It has the potential to be used by all of our peer software factories within the DOD.”