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Project Time and Cost Launch CostCenter Cloud-Based SaaS; Bob Stalick Quoted

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Project Time
Project Time and Cost

Project Time & Cost (PT&C) announced the launch of PT&C CostCenter on Tuesday. This cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) offers an integrated set of tools for agencies and commercial enterprises who need up-to-date construction cost data and efficient solutions for collaborative cost estimating. 

CostCenter will be one of the most secure and innovative cost estimating toolboxes of the market. 

“The tools we’re delivering to market today represent a full integration of capabilities that will reduce risk in cost estimating for construction management with price volatility in material and labor costs being greater than ever before, we deliver a solution to meet industry demand head-on, with a cost estimation process that is fast, safe and accurate,” commented Bob Stalick, CEO of Caliburn International.

PT&C CostCenter serves as an information hub for its cost engineering applications and supplies an overview of critical performance indicators. When users integrate additional PT&C applications into their company, they will use E2E facilities' cost lifecycle ecosystem. The ecosystem includes PT&C CostBook, PT&C CostBase and PT&C CostPro solutions. 

In addition, PT&C CostBook provides transparent construction cost data and works in parallel with either estimation solution. CostBook is supported by experienced cost engineers and features over 35,000 searchable constructive tasks alongside an extensive catalog of modern construction materials.

PT&C CostBase quickly builds out simple estimates. PT&C CostPro is a full cost estimating platform built with decades of expertise calculating accurate assessments of complex construction costs that enables clients to work efficiently.

“Our users gain increased visibility and efficiency of enterprise facilities management through a centralized application suite. This built-in modularity allows users to use only the applications they need, giving clients a solution to create detailed estimates based on current, accurate, and defensible cost data,” stated Andy Reape, PT&C vice president. 

“Offering these software tools to our clients will help them do their job better, faster, and with less rework required,” added Reape.