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OMB Releases Guidance on Executive Order Implementation by Made in America Office

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The Office of Management and Budget has issued initial guidance with regard to the implementation of the Made in America executive order by a newly established office at OMB.

The guidance directs agencies to appoint a senior accountable official for domestic sourcing to coordinate with the director of the Made in America Office to execute the policy in the EO, such as reducing waivers and increasing opportunities for U.S. manufacturing, Shalanda Young, acting director of OMB, wrote in the Friday memo.

In January, President Biden signed the EO that directs federal agencies to buy U.S.-made products and services to support U.S. businesses, manufacturers and workers and strengthen the enforcement of Buy American laws.

The document also addresses other areas of implementation: agency reports, agency-OMB waiver review process and waiver transparency.

In accordance with the EO, agencies should submit reports on their use of Made in America laws. Such reports should contain an analysis of current practices regarding such laws and outline measures to create opportunities for U.S. companies and workers and strengthen domestic supplier bases.

The waiver guidance contains a list of information that agencies must address and include in their proposed waivers for submission to the director of MIAO and details steps for the creation of a public website for those waivers.

“Increasing consistency and public transparency of these waivers will build confidence that Made in America laws are operating as intended while strengthening U.S. manufacturing capabilities, supporting good jobs and ensuring the future will be Made in America,” MIAO Director Celeste Drake wrote in a White House blog post published Friday.