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Mitre Releases NSA-Funded Cyber Defense Framework

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The National Security Agency (NSA) has announced a Mitre-developed framework designed to bolster the cyber resilience of national security systems, as well as the defense industrial base. 

The NSA-funded D3FEND framework provides defensive countermeasures that cybersecurity professionals can use against common cyberattacks, NSA said Tuesday.

D3FEND complements Mitre's existing ATT&CK framework, which focuses on the behavior and common tactics employed by malicious cyber actors. 

ATT&CK describes cyber adversary techniques, as D3FEND helps cybersecurity operators customize systems in ways that correspond to specific cyber threats. Government and industry organizations may use both D3FEND and ATT&CK to analyze and report cybersecurity situations.

Interested cybersecurity professionals may contract Mitre to submit feedback on the D3FEND framework via this link.