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Dynetics Subsidiary Now Operates Largest Electron-Beam Welding System In The Western Hemisphere

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Dynetics Technical Solutions (DTS), a subsidiary of Dynetics, announced on Thursday that the company now operates the largest electron-beam welding system in the Western Hemisphere. Pro-Beam recently delivered the 22-feet-long by 22-feet-wide by the 22-feet-high system from Germany. The system is capable of supporting government and commercial programs at both the unclassified and classified levels.

"This system is an incredible addition to our precision machining and welding capabilities," added Ronnie Chronister, senior vice president of Weapons Technology and Manufacturing at Dynetics. "Electron-beam welding provides advanced opportunities that will significantly improve our manufacturing and bring about new capabilities. We're proud to enter this new phase and support this vital mission."

DTS’ welding facility will begin working on classified capabilities starting at the secret level and spanning to top secret. The new welding system can support various sensitive customer work, such as reinforcing the Virginia and Columbia class submarine hardware.

 The system’s capabilities also include metal inert gas welding and tungsten inert gas welding. These tools will support multiple programs, including the U.S. Army's Long Range Hypersonic Weapons (LRHW).

The electron beam capability was enabled by a $15 million Department of Defense's (DOD) Office of Industrial Policy contract awarded to support the office's Industrial Base Analysis & Sustainment (IBAS) program. The IBAS program’s mission is to help modernize the defense industrial base to ensure the U.S. maintains cutting-edge capabilities.

In addition to the electron-beam welding system, the company’s facilities include the Onsrud Gantry and over 30 CNC machines. These technologies support large structural hardware machining and post-weld machining in a classified environment.

"DTS has been a great partner standing up this new capability. The team worked very hard to stay on track throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our defense industrial base is better today thanks to their determination and dedication to the mission," said Adele Ratcliff, program director for IBAS.