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Forcepoint Acquires Cyberinc; CEO Manny Rivelo Quoted

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Manny Rivelo
Manny Rivelo CEO Forcepoint

Forcepoint announced on Thursday that it has acquired Cyberinc. Cyberinc’s Smart Isolation capability technology gives administrators granular control to minimize risk without impeding user productivity.  Forcepoint will integrate Smart Isolation capabilities within its Data-first SASE architecture to strengthen its information technology portfolio.

"Forcepoint is executing on our vision for the industry's most comprehensive Data-first SASE offering that delivers risk-based data security everywhere, over every channel, to give customers consistent enforcement anywhere their people work," commented Manny Rivelo, CEO of Forcepoint. 

"The acquisition of Cyberinc's Smart Isolation capabilities is the first of many investments Forcepoint will make to enhance user productivity, lower operational burdens and eliminate traditional monolithic products through a best-in-class SASE cloud service," Rivelo added. 

Information technology services are more distributed than ever before, prompting commercial cybersecurity teams to adapt to evolving hybrid workforces and ever-expanding SAAS applications. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture, which reimagines fragmented networking and security products as converged, cloud-native services, provides a gripping path forward. 

In the distributed IT environment, Forepoint’s  Data-first SASE platform enables enterprises to use the cloud to transform their network and security architectures. The SASE platform places data security first and simplifies connectivity and unifies security policy enforcement everywhere employees, partners and customers use data across the distributed enterprise. 

Cyberinc developed the first-ever Smart Isolation capability that is context-aware and adapts browsing experience with dynamic risk assessment. The Cyberinc Threat Intelligence Service powers Smart Isolation. This new capability adapts web rendering according to the risk levels of the page or web element with two complementary approaches to rendering. Those two approaches being Secure Streaming and UX Optimized. 

Forcepoint aims to integrate Cyberinc's Smart Isolation capabilities within the company's current SASE offering, including Cloud Security Gateway, Private Access, Email Security gateway and Next-Generation Firewall to offer enterprises of all sizes better visibility and control to protect against cyberthreats as well as theft or loss of sensitive data.

"Like Forcepoint, Cyberinc understands the key to modern security is to get ahead of the threat and prevent breaches before they happen. Our shared vision is to intelligently adapt to the changing levels of risk posed as employees click on links or web pages while balancing a better native user experience and security," stated Samir Shah, CEO of Cyberinc.

"Forcepoint has the broadest portfolio and the best expertise to deliver a data-first SASE experience today. I look forward to working with their engineering and development teams to rapidly advance integration of our industry-first smart isolation technology with the rest of Forcepoint's security offerings," concluded Shah.