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DARPA Program Aims to Configure Interconnected Military Networks With Autonomy Software; Mary Schurgot Quoted

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is seeking ideas to develop software for the autonomous configuration of interconnected military communications and information technology networks.

DARPA said Friday that it wants to create a system that would support interoperability between heterogeneous networks in modern warfare as part of the Mission-Integrated Network Control program.

“MINC aims to develop software that autonomously prioritizes information and communications paths to achieve the Mosaic Warfare end state of agile, self-healing networks that enable cross-domain kill webs in highly contested, highly dynamic environments,” said Mary Schurgot, program manager in DARPA’s Strategic Technology Office.

The agency on April 28 released a broad agency announcement on its MINC project via the SAM website and set a June 29 deadline for interested vendors to submit proposals. DARPA envisions the technology providing a network overlay for military users to access critical data at the right time.

Other goals of the project are to develop a cross-network approach to manage the flow of information and a mission-based approach to determine data movement for kill web services. The agency is looking to issue multiple awards for the first phase of the program.