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CISA’s Nitin Natarajan: Tighter Cryptocurrency Regulations Won’t Deter Ransomware Attackers

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Nitin Natarajan
Nitin Natarajan Deputy Director CISA

Nitin Natarajan, deputy director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), said a crackdown on cryptocurrency would not hamper threat actors from launching ransomware attacks, Nextgov reported Tuesday.

“Criminals have always found an innovative way to continue the attack [through] some mechanism so, you know, if we were to magically flip a switch and make Bitcoin for instance completely transparent, they're going to find another way to do it,” Natarajan said Tuesday during a panel discussion on ransomware as a service.

He also highlighted the importance of adopting defensive measures against cyber threat actors. 

“We really push focusing on the prevention side, you know, how can we strengthen the ability for businesses, or large, small, and governments of all levels, and globally, to really protect themselves,” Natarajan added.

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