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Air Force Uses Continuous Evaluation to Maintain Secret Access Integrity Among Personnel; Alecia Davis Quoted

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The U.S. Air Force uses a special assessment process to ensure the integrity of personnel with assignments that involve sensitive information.

The Continuous Evaluation (CE) program randomly screens individuals who have access to secret or top secret information, Air Force Materiel Command said Monday.

USAF uses CE to determine whether these individuals maintain what is required to eligibly access this information. The process provides a more timely assessment between periodic investigations.

“CE leverages automated record checks and applies business rules, aligned to the Federal Investigative Standards, to assist in the ongoing assessment of an individual’s continued eligibility,” said Alecia Davis, facility security officer at National Aerospace Solutions, a contractor working for Arnold Air Force Base's Engineering Development Complex.

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency said it will require all secret-level access holders to be partially or fully CE-enrolled by the current fiscal year's end.