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AFRL Nano-Bio Materials Consortium Announces Government-Industry Collaboration for Medical Tech

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Air Force Research
Air Force Research Laboratory

Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) selected 12 academic and commercial entities to conduct cost-shared research and development on smart medical technology, with a total project value of $20.4 million. 

AFRL said Thursday its Nano-Bio Materials Consortium (NBMC) issued the awards on Feb. 15th, with the goal of developing medical technologies that benefit both the public and the military.

The awardees contribute $10.7 million in cost-shared funds to the projects, which AFRL also supports with additional funding. AFRL researchers may work together with industry teams under projects supported by NBMC.

“This is a new way for AFRL researchers to participate as project performers responsible for contributing to project milestones and deliverables, in addition to providing program management oversight that AFRL has employed for past NBMC projects,” said Jeremy Ward, who is part of AFRL's Entrepreneurial Opportunity Program.