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Octo and Sevatec Complete Branding Integration; Mehul Sanghani Quoted

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Mehul Sanghani
Mehul Sanghani CEO Octo

Octo Consulting announced on Tuesday that it has completed its branding integration with Sevatec. The two companies combined in Dec. 2020, to the benefit of both. The merger reinforced crucial customer relationships and increased each company’s capabilities.

Octo developed a revised brand identity, including a logo, color scheme and other branding-related elements that illustrate and respect both company’s legacies. The companies will immediately begin to operate under the Octo banner. 

“We are all extremely pleased with and excited to launch this new brand. Octo’s evolved brand identity was crafted, so employees and customers understand how the best of both organizations was thoughtfully woven into a cohesive message to the market,” commented Mehul Sanghani, Octo’s CEO. 

“We believe there is a strong differentiation of our brand within a market that includes both multibillion-dollar aerospace and defense contractors that sell ships and weapons but who also claim commodity-based IT capability and a sea of niche providers that lack the depth of capabilities or modernization qualifications at a scale that modern government missions demand,” Shanghani added.

Octo’s transaction with Sevatec illustrates Octo’s remarkable growth. Since its foundation, Octo has grown every year and boasts approximately 1,100 skilled employees who solve complex technical challenges for government customers.

“The smooth transition to this fresh, new brand demonstrates our combined company’s ability to flex and grow as we have embraced our position as a pure-play modernization and technology solutions provider to the government’s most challenging technical problems,” said Octo’s vice president of Marketing Ethan Meurlin

Together, Octo and Sevatec are extremely agile partners for government customers and can provide innovative, high-touch service that incorporates considerable operational resources. The merger essentially created a mid-sized federal information technology modernization provider with the scale to compete with much larger system integrators without losing the responsiveness of a small business. 

“In our new branding, we worked collaboratively with legacy Sevatec employees to retain many elements of Sevatec’s unique visual identifiers. For example, we crafted a new, more contemporary logo that prominently incorporates the arrow from Sevatec’s prior logo,” stated Meurlin. 

“We also embraced the idea of 'seva,' or selfless service, that was at the core of Sevatec’s culture into our official values statement. It was important for us to show our customers, partners, and our employees who we are and what we stand for as a unified company, and we believe these new brand elements do just that,” concluded Meurlin.