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NSWC Panama City Brings Scientists, Engineers to Naval Cyber Competition

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Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Panama City Division arranged a team to participate in a cybersecurity challenge hosted by the U.S. Navy. The team exhibited their cyber skills at the Navy's 2021 HACKtheMACHINE challenge, which ran from March 23th to 26th, Naval Sea Systems Command said Wednesday.

“HACKtheMACHINE is a truly unique exercise because the challenge environment is a mock-up of a fully functional ship bridge with all the common control systems and sensors (radars, global positioning system, etc.),” said Joshua Davis, a scientist at NSWC PCD.

This year's iteration of the annual HACKtheMACHINE challenge took place virtually, with the same goal to address the Navy's cyber challenges.

PCD's scientist-engineer team took part in the challenge's Maritime Cyber track, where participants attempt to hack commercially made maritime electronic systems.

NSWC PCD wants to participate in similar, publicly open events with academic partners in the post-pandemic future.