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NSA Puts up Collaborative Laboratory for Quantum Bit Research

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The National Security Agency (NSA) has established and launched a new collaborative facility to support quantum science research focused on qubits. 

NSA said Tuesday that its Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS) stood up the LPS Qubit Collaboratory, where academia, industry and government entities can pursue collaborative qubit-focused research.

Qubits or quantum bits are the smallest units of quantum information. LQC will aim to develop quantum computing and other qubit-based applications, bolster a research-driven quantum workforce and foster partnerships that address complex problems in quantum information science.

Army Research Office (ARO) invites external organizations to propose projects that would be done in partnership with LQC. 

The broad agency announcement for this solicitation can be found here. To express interest in partnering with LQC, contact the laboratory at qubitcollaboratory.org.