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DOE Scientists Talk Research Needs for AI Algorithm Security, Trustworthiness; Fred Streitz, Irene Qualters Quoted

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The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico is launching efforts to fortify artificial intelligence algorithms to prevent system threats and improve AI awareness and understanding, Federal News Network reported Wednesday.

Irene Qualters, associate lab director for simulation and computation at LANL, told attendees at a National Defense Industrial Association event that the lab is also assessing AI applications for research into natural disasters and climate.

Fred Streitz, chief AI scientist at DOE’s AI and Technology Office, noted that the U.S. must work to drive AI deployment in “mission-critical areas where there are real-world consequences”. He added that trustworthiness also serves as a key component to AI and there is active research being done on that focus area.

DOE relies on its partnerships with other science agencies and industry entities to support AI research despite having a large workforce of engineers and scientists, according to Streitz.