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DHS to Stand up Office for Data Operations; Eric Hysen Quoted

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Eric Hysen
Eric Hysen CIO DHS

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will establish a new office dedicated to applying data across DHS operations, FedScoop reported Thursday.

DHS's future Office of the Chief Data Officer (CDO)will oversee the department's data activities in eight areas including cybersecurity, law enforcement and immigration.

The department determined the need to create a CDO office during DHS's COVID-19 vaccination campaign, which required a large amount of data collection and management work.

“Data must be interoperable and easily shareable by default, and the work we’re doing standing up our CDO office will help us get there,” Eric Hysen, the department's new CIO, said at the IT Modernization Summit.

Carlene Ileto, acting DHS CDO, is working to organize a team of executives who will work in alignment with the future office's focus areas.