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Army Finances Academic Micro-Laser Research to Boost Military Communications; James Joseph Quoted

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The U.S. Army has funded scientists from Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania to study how micro-lasers can accelerate military communications and data transmission.

The photonics research team developed two-dimensional arrays of micro-lasers designed to collectively surpass the power density of a single micro-laser while maintaining the same stability, the Army said Thursday.

“The research results out of UPenn mark a significant step towards creating more efficient and fieldable laser sources.,” said James Joseph, program manager at the Army Research Office.

A two-laser array can produce two super-modes and quadratically increase its power output while maintaining the coherency and stability required to preserve the data in transit.

Light detection and ranging or LiDAR technology allows autonomous systems to optically sense objects. The researchers believe the array holds potential for LiDAR applications. The research team published its findings in the Science peer-reviewed journal.