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Air Force Releases New Mission Statement; Gen. Charles Brown Quoted

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Charles Brown Jr.
Charles Brown Jr., chief of staff at U.S. Air Force

The U.S. Air Force has introduced a new mission statement to highlight the capabilities and competitive advantage that airpower brings to the country and joint operations as they counter near-peer adversaries.

"To fly, fight, and win…airpower anytime, anywhere” is the Air Force’s new mission statement, the service said Thursday.

Gen. Charles Brown, chief of staff of the Air Force, said the service consulted enlisted airmen, officers, guardsmen, civilians and reservists to come up with the mission statement. He also highlighted the role of the total force in advancing airpower.

“Delivering airpower for our nation requires more than just aircraft,” Brown added. “It requires Total Force Airmen – active duty, Guard, Reserve, civilians – in all Air Force specialties working together as a seamless team to operate, maintain and enable our mission and bring the unique capabilities and effects of air power to bear.”

The service has five core missions for airpower and those are air superiority; command and control; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; rapid global mobility; and global strike.