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Adm. Michael Gilday: Navy Based Future Fleet Projections on Expert Stakeholder Assessments

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Adm. Michael Gilday
Adm. Michael Gilday Chief of Naval Operations

Adm. Michael Gilday, the chief of naval operations, said the U.S. Navy used input from defense, industry and academic experts to establish plans for a “bigger, better” Navy, National Defense Magazine reported Monday.

Gilday said at an industry event that experts from the defense, industry and academic sectors provided input for the Future Naval Force Structure Assessment released in Dec. 2020, which seeks 316 manned vessels by the fiscal year 2026 deadline.

The study also sought up to 242 unmanned vessels and was based on evaluations of industrial base capacities, ownership costs and maintenance requirements, he said. Gilday noted that it would be “critically important” that the Navy and key stakeholders assess how the future platforms would address gaps in the joint force.

“From a budget informed or fiscally informed position, this wasn't just a pie in the sky, this is the Navy we need,” he added.

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