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USSPACECOM’s Lt. Gen. John Shaw: JADC2 Must Also Cover Space Domain Integration

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Lt. Gen. John Shaw
Lt. Gen. John Shaw Deputy Commander U.S. Space Command

Lt. Gen. John Shaw, deputy commander of U.S. Space Command (USSPACECOM), said that it is crucial that Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) integration efforts also cover space operations, Breaking Defense reported Friday.

Shaw said at a National Security Space Association event that while JADC2 focuses on terrestrial activities, it is also important to coordinate operations with those under Gen. James Dickinson, who serves as USSPACECOM’s commander.

He noted that it is crucial for weapon systems to communicate with each other to prevent threats such as directed-energy platforms, anti-satellite technology and electronic warfare systems.

“In its most basic essence, JADC2 is about making sure that all operations and all domains can rapidly share information with one another; be part of some sort of common picture,” said Shaw.

Lt. Gen. Salty Saltzman, deputy chief for operations, cyber and nuclear at the U.S. Space Force, noted at a Brookings Insittution event that it is vital to integrate space capabilities and decision-making into all-domain operations.

“Think about cloud-based data structures, think about common standards and interfaces,” he noted.