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Navy Demos At-Sea Replenishment of F-35 Aircraft Power Module; Capt. Matt Thrasher Quoted

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The U.S. Navy performed its first at-sea replenishment when a naval logistics team delivered an aircraft power module to the USS Carl Vinson carrier.

USS Carl Vinson, also known as CVN 70, received an F135 power module for the F-35C fighter on the Pacific Ocean, demonstrating at-sea replenishment, the Navy said Friday.

Personnel from Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Squadron 30 and Carrier Air Wing Two delivered the module, which serves as an engine component for F-35 aircraft. A naval CMV-22B Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft transported the module from shore to USS Carl Vinson.

“The Osprey is a robust logistical platform that not only supports the F-35C but also gives the entire air wing increased range and transport capacity," said Capt. Matt Thrasher, commander of Carrier Air Wing Two.