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Naval Postgraduate School, BNNano Form Nanomaterials Research Partnership

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The Naval Postgraduate School has partnered with materials engineering company BNNano to assess the capacity of the company’s nanomaterial concepts to support defense missions.

NPS said Thursday it entered into a cooperative research and development agreement with BNNano to test the latter’s Boron Nitride Nanotubes for potential use in electric insulation, radiation shielding, fire retardants, corrosion resistance and metal lightening.

BNNano’s nanomaterials have chemical and physical elements that support high thermal stability and conductivity, electrical resistivity and superhydrophobicity.

As part of the CRADA, the NPS Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department’s students and faculty will work to test the BNNAno Nanobarb technology.

Steve Wilcenski, CEO and cofounder of BNNano, said he believes the company’s boron nitride nanomaterial has properties that have potential for maritime capabilities.

Emre Gunduz, a faculty member at MAE, said there are “theoretical potential gains” in using small amounts of nanomaterial additives in regular metal.

“For the most part, the research at NPS is focused on defense or [U.S. Navy] purposes. Ideally, these students will take what they learn and apply it to challenges directly forward [in the Fleet],” said Andy Nieto, an MAE faculty member.